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Minimize your expenses. Maximize your revenue.


Our Solutions

Through analysis of your provider agreements, we identify opportunities for increased reimbursement and improved contract provisions.

As your outsourced credentialing staff, we maintain providers’ files, conduct primary source verification, update and re-attest CAQH, and complete all payer credentialing and re-validation.

Our AAPC certified coders are proficient with ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS level II codes and continuously test new codes in order to maximize your revenue.

BillingWise uses a clearinghouse to scrubs claims prior to submitting in order to reduce errors and get you paid as quickly as possible.

Our insurance collections team reviews payments on a daily basis and verify your claims are paid correctly. Our rigorous collections process includes appealing claims as many times as is necessary to ensure maximum revenue from insurance carriers.

We will customize a patient-friendly collections process around what matters most to you. This can include mailing statements and letters, phone calls to patients, or even referring patients to collections. We can work with your existing credit card processor or help establish a secure online payment portal for direct payments.

We assign you a dedicated account representative who is responsible for ensuring that your billing is done with accuracy and compliance, while maximizing both revenue to your practice and patient satisfaction.

We provide monthly reports to help you understand where your revenue comes from, customized based on the information you want to see.

BillingWise is one of the many services offered by Ambulatory Management Solutions, a full-service practice management company. Click here to learn more about AMS’ practice management services.

Who We Serve

Our history is rooted in our service of anesthesia providers across the continuum of care. As our team has grown, we have expanded our expertise to include all surgical specialties and ambulatory surgery centers.


Regardless of the specialty, our goal remains the same – to maximize your revenue while being an advocate for your patients.


We understand the nuances of anesthesia billing across different settings and work collaboratively with other entities, when needed, to obtain information and bring claims to resolution quickly. We successfully leverage the RAP provision with payers and are sensitive to your role as a secondary provider when in discussions with your patients.


For our office-based anesthesia providers, we assist in accurately identifying and capturing all services, supplies, medications, and equipment provided in the office setting to submit the most accurate and comprehensive bill to payers and third parties. We continuously research and test new codes in order to maximize your revenue.

Surgical Specialties & ASCs

We work closely with our surgical clients and ambulatory surgery centers to obtain all of the necessary information to accurately code procedures and submit appropriate documentation to payers and third parties. We work behind the scenes to access what we need to minimize the time needed from your staff. Our customized collection approach keeps you informed of potential delays or denials early in the process. We work as an advocate for your patient, involving them as soon as an issue arises, to help resolve issues and maximize their benefits. We clearly communicate financial expectations to patients and work with them to resolve outstanding balances.

Who We Serve
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